About Impact Fitness

Impact Fitness Somerville (IFS) has been recently purchased to provide a fitness centre that is different to the rest. A local family passionate about health and fitness bought the business as they felt that there was a real need to be able to train large groups of people in general fitness, without having to enter into expensive contracts or monthly payments whether you went to the gym or not. “Many people join gyms and pay a monthly fee or a yearly membership with good intentions, however when you train by yourself or rely on a friend you can easily find yourself losing motivation and not going, whilst still paying.”

Impact Fitness Somerville has a main focus on your health and wellbeing. Whether it is general fitness, body toning or losing weight, you can do it all in one session with likeminded people. We create an energetic environment where you will exercise to high energy music, have a laugh and enjoy your workout whilst you push yourself past your previous limits by simply lifting weights or spending time on a cardio machine.

Group/Club Training

If you're part of a football/sports club and want some pre/on season training, Impact Fitness can design custom fitness programs to suit your teams' requirements. Our group boxing, weight training and HIIT sessions are designed to compliment club training and give your team the edge over your competitors with a focus on improving strength and conditioning and cardio fitness. Bookings are essential as we only have limited spots. Contact us today to get your team a customised group session.

Somerville Footy Club Pre-Season Training