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Please don't just take our word for it...... here's what some of our clients say about Impact Fitness

Kristen July marks my 12 month Impact anniversary. I haven’t looked back since the day I emailed Steve to enquire about personal training. The team at Impact have changed the trajectory of my life. 21kgs down and stronger than I’ve ever been. More importantly I’ve made new friends.
I haven’t needed motivation or discipline to attend because it’s FUN! The team are so incredibly family friendly and my two kids have made friendships too, they now get excited to see their own friends.
Isabella, Age 40 I have been training at Impact for the last 9 months, in this time I have lost weight, toned up, gained strength and fitness. The staff at Impact guided me nutritionally and supported me in achieving results I never thought were possible. Because of this, I am the fittest I have ever been and at 40 years of age, Impact has shown me that age is no obstacle for achieving fitness goals and living a healthy lifestyle.
The training at Impact is second to none. it caters for all fitness levels and incorporates a variety of training styles that works the whole body and achieves results, from bootcamps, hiit circuits, weights, boxing, pt's it has everyone's training preferences covered. No training session is ever the same! The trainers at Impact always have a smile on their face as you walk in the door. The atmosphere is friendly and tunes motivating. As a member, you feel valued and part of the IMPACT family. Let Impact help you on your fitness journey!
Bec Hickey A home away from home, I've trained with Mitch for a few yrs now even before Impact fitness but I have to admit this place is such a friendly environment couldn't imagine boxing at or with anyone other than Mitch and along side Steve, Robyn and the Impact family. Impact is not all about the fittest or strongest person it's about health, fitness, family and friendship their doors are always open to everyone and anyone young and old. We have a lot of laughs while learning great technique and getting fit. A place I would and do tell everyone give it a go so to rate this place well a 5 but if I could go higher defently a 10/10
Joanne Kiskomaromi The whole team are friendly, inspiring, supportive and for the first time ever i have found a place where i fit in. Thanks to Jack for all the personal training sessions that have changed my life. You're the greatest. Over one year now with great success, increased fitness and loving it. These guys will look after you as your fitness journey begins for life. Thanks to everyone at Impact
Nicole Thornhill A gym like no other. Never the same class! Always interesting. Other gyms you just go but with Impact it’s like going to a second home with great friends and lots of sweat. You walk out feeling pumped
Samantha Pattison A gym that's actually fun to go to! I look forward to every class I attend because it's always going to be something different !! Couldn't recommend a gym more then Impact, got such a comfortable and positive energy around the room and the trainers and everyone who attends are such uplifting people, 10/10
Emma Chatfield I've been coming to impact for over a year now, I have never been as fit nor as strong as what I am. I'm now 22 weeks pregnant and I have my personal training adjusted to suit my growing bump so I can continue to keep some of my fitness throughout pregnancy. A very warm a friendly atmosphere and great staff.
Kel Donnelly I've been a part of the gym environment since the age of 15...I am now 43 and have found a class that ticks every box for me..."Boxing".. The team at Impact are a gorgeous group of people with really great energy... Highly recommend to all ages and fitness levels.
Karen Van Schilt Impact Fitness is the best fitness gym I have ever been to. Friendly family atmosphere, awesome trainers, just a great place to get the best workout and make some new friends along the way. Highly recommended
Jason Dunny Great gym with such an awesome atmosphere. They have highly professional trainers to help you achieve your goals and immaculate facilities. No matter your fitness level, the staff and the members all make you feel comfortable.

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